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4 Ways to Build Your Brand on Instagram

Instagram for many businesses and organizations is becoming a pivotal method in advertising to consumers and clients. What started as a regular social site has transitioned into a critical marketing tool for businesses today. In this post, we will discuss 4 different ways to improve your social networking skills through Instagram and how these skills can benefit the building of your brand.

What is Instagram, and Why Does it Matter?

Instagram (IG) is one of the biggest social media sites operating today. Instagram is a networking site that connects people through sharing pictures and videos online. People share photos about anything: what they are doing with their family, what they are eating, or even what they find funny or amusing. There are currently 500 million daily active users on Instagram globally. In just eight months, Instagram stories has surpassed its rival Snap Chat, now reaching 500 million people per day

Here are some tips on how to build your brand on this platform to stay ahead of the curve.

1. Be Creative

What sets your company apart from others can determine whether somebody chooses to work with you. Like building your brand outside of social networking, you want to be unique with your posting. Having a distinguished look towards what you are posting is important to brand building to help your company stand out. You want engagement with your audience, and this starts with creative posts. This is a great way to increase the bond between the consumer and your business. 

Being creative for posting on IG does not mean you have to create an Academy Award Nominated video or have a picture worthy of being displayed at the Smithsonian Institution. Being creative in a post should represent your company and yourself, whether it is your style, humor, or what skills you possess. People will be interested in what you are posting if your brand is authentic and unique.

2. Quality Over Quantity

When creating content for your consumers, aim for quality. Take time to plan what you are going to post. You want what you are sharing with the public to be something you will be proud of others viewing. Make sure you have the correct information displayed, the colors stand out, and your caption and hashtags are ready to be published. 

In addition, do not oversaturate the medium. Oversaturation (over-posting) can detract consumers from following your content. Make sure what you are posting is going to provide value to the consumer.

3. Track What Works

When posting, you may find that some posts will receive more likes or views than others. Some posts may fit in great with your audience, and others miss the mark but take this information with a grain of salt and learn from what may not have resonated with your followers. 

Instagram provides analytics for the performance of your posts. Here you can track how your posts are doing with reach, impressions, and engagement. You can even create promotional posts to reach consumers beyond your follower base. As a business, use a professional account and be strategic with your contact information, including relevant hashtags in your profile.

4. Engage With Followers

Not only is Instagram a great way to showcase what your company or organization does. It is also a great way to receive feedback and learn what your followers are thinking. Personal feedback can take you right to the source of what is working and what needs fixing. Ask for feedback in the comment section or by hosting a live Q&A on your page. Instagram also allows you to create polls and quizzes right from your IG story. You can ask questions without oversaturating your follower’s feed. Reading your comments not only provides you with valuable information but also showcases an establishment of public relations with your customer base.


Creating a customer base on Instagram is becoming increasingly imperative every day, with millions of businesses utilizing the social network to grow. Find what works for your company and run with it. Showing creativity in what you post, providing value, and gaining feedback from your followers are great ways for your organization to keep moving forward. Mistakes are to be expected but keep learning. Share what your company means to you and learn what it means to your followers. Adapt, learn as you go, and keep posting.

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