World Resource Partners

Elevating WRP - World Resource Partners' Brand and Digital Presence


World Resource Partners

The Challenge

The VSI Creative team encountered several challenges that demanded meticulous attention and creative solutions:

  1. Brand Refresh: WRP needed a contemporary and dynamic brand identity that would elevate existing customer perception and entice new leads to expand their market share.
  2. Communicating Expertise: One of the primary goals was to effectively communicate WRP’s specialized skills in supporting product design, development, and distribution across multiple industries.
  3. User-Centric Design: The website design had to strike the perfect balance between strategic elements and user experience, ensuring mobile-friendliness and optimal functionality.

The Outcome

VSI Creative’s comprehensive and transformative approach breathed new life into World Resource Partners’ brand identity and digital presence. The successful collaboration resulted in a contemporary and dynamic brand that resonates with clients and a captivating website that effectively communicates WRP’s expertise and value propositions. With a powerful brand and an immersive website, World Resource Partners is now primed for sustained growth and continued success in the competitive global sourcing industry.



Website Design

Web Copy



Marketing Collateral

[They] took the time to both learn our business, share ideas for our digital footprint (and overall brand refresh) and most importantly listened to our needs as a small-medium sized business. VSI met all deadlines and overdelivered on their promises and offered great value in their output. World Resource Partners is a more than satisfied client. We consider VSI a key contributor and partner in our future success.

Lee ParnhamDirector of Business Development, WRP